It was great to be part of the annual Horrorfest V at the Bear Steps gallery in Shrewsbury. I sold some prints and cards so I’m very grateful to the buyers if they manage to find their way to this site… thanks!

I’m continuing to add work to my Etsy shop as well if you want to get a print of your very own;


Otherwise you can choose my big cartel shop …..

My work is now available for purchase in a physical form made of actual paper you can hold! I have created a series of four greetings cards from my ‘Haunted Ephemera’ series:

Haunted Ephemera series one

The Cat, The Walking Dead MP plus two of my fantasy pieces are also available as A3 sized signed prints. To order visit:


The Big Cartel shop has a limit to the amount of products I can list so I’m running both shops at the moment and you can order from either one.

I was delighted to show some of my work at a group exhibition in September 2017. The venue was the Dye House at Flax Mill Maltings, the grade one listed building is in the process of restoration and made a fantastic venue for my images and for an art exhibition in general.

My work at Flaxmill Maltings

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