I am an independent Illustrator and Artist whose fascination with fantasy, science fiction, horror and satire is expressed through his intricately drawn, highly personal images.

I create my images entirely digitally using Clip Studio Pro (formally Manga Studio) software and a Wacom Intuos pen input system. I use no photo manipulated or ‘Photo Shopped’ elements in my work but I draw and paint everything by hand directly onto the computer screen, allowing for as much expression and hand craft as if the images were created on paper.

My work encompasses two different areas of interest. One is dreamlike, Phantasmagorical imagery of beauty and subtle horror. The other is an ongoing project called ‘Haunted Ephemera’, which draws on half forgotten book covers, adverts and public information posters to create unique images with a heavily satirical edge.


I have a wide selection of prints and cards available for purchase in my Etsy store:


I am also available to take on both commercial and private commissions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further : neilawebber@gmail.com


All content and images are copyright © Neil Webber 2018.


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