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I made it into ImagineFX

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Wow, I made it into the FXPose section of July’s edition of ImagineFX magazine. It’s really a dream come true for me, I’ve been a fan of the magazine since it started over ten years ago. This was my second attempt, I posted work in March last year but it didn’t get accepted. Looking back I’m not surprised, I feel myself that my work had yet to come together at that time.

I well as the very welcome exposure for my work, it allows me to be objective about the images I create. When I changed from animation to illustration/art I thought my work might retain some fragment of movement or a trace of ‘cartoon’ atheistic however I think it’s the opposite, my artwork has a stillness, a moment of action frozen. I also realised I like to add a lot of detail to my work, something that wasn’t possible in my animation. This is not because I want it to be photographic but rather I want to try to make the surreal, fantasy, elements as real as possible.

The Hob Tree Now Available on Amazon

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As of yesterday my book The Hob Tree is now listed in the Kindle section of Amazon. Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks of correcting text, resizing pictures and learning how to format text for publishing on Kindle. For anyone wanting to create for Kindle found a free how to guide on the Amazon website called; Building your book for Kindle. The process has been a little more involved for me because I’ve put Illustrations amongst the text. The thing I discovered about creating an e book is there is no way of fixing the layout because it can be viewed on several different devices all with different sized screens, so you never know what you’re going to end up with. However on all the devices I’ve previewed it with, it looked fine.

Interior illustration for the story The Hob Tree