This is a selection of art I have created entirely digitally with Clip Studio Paint Pro art software.

Most of these pieces are available as prints and cards from my online shops (if you want a particular print and it is not available to buy let me know and I can make it available in my Ebay shop):

Hexa Eldritch Book One: Omegosis

Forgotten Creatures Bookmark Series

Haunted Ephemera series

Original Dark Fantasy Art

These images are from my entry to the 2015 folio illustration competition, the text was a collection of short ghost stories.

I created this painting as a birthday gift for my wife. It is a tribute to a cat which used to visit us regularly and was the friendliest cat we had ever encountered, we nicknamed him “Boney” because he was so skinny.

Lord Anthony Boneington

All content and images are copyright © Neil Webber 2021.

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